If you want to fulfil your potential in life and work… Natalie’s skill at coaching will help you develop clarity and focus so you flourish in your life and work; fulfilling your potential.

Dr Natalie Yates-Bolton is a trained personal and professional development coach with experience coaching individuals:

  • In leadership roles
  • Teams
  • People who are developing their professional and leadership roles

Natalie’s PhD focussed on enhancing meaning and purpose in life and work. Her career includes working in:

  • The health service
  • Academia
  • Leading product development with national and international organisational partners as a consultant for an international organisation

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Natalie has used her life story and the Five Blocks approach to inspire and motivate thousands of people.

As a motivational speaker Natalie shares how she endeavours to fulfil her potential in life and work against a backstory of treatment for increasingly advanced and aggressive cancer.

Natalie focuses on motivating others to identify their priorities and to set a commitment to fulfilling their potential.

Dr Natalie Yates-Bolton is a motivational speaker who works nationally and internationally to inspire and motivate professionals, teams, leaders and organisations.

Natalie shares how living the Five Blocks approach has meant that she has been able to fulfil her potential; focussing on have meaning and purpose in her life and work. 

Fulfilling her goals of

  • gaining a PhD
  • working in senior university roles and the health services of the UK and Australia,
  • collaborating with international organisational partners
  • running ultra-marathons
  • completing triathlons

have meant that Natalie has constantly been developing her potential.