Building your best life in 2024

The start of a new year is always a great time to think about living our best life in the next 12 months. What is the one word which sums up your intention for 2024? Having just one word can set your direction and as with all things in life the direction we are facing is by default the way we are going to be heading.

My one word for 2024 is OPPORTUNITY. I am thinking about the opportunities that 2024 holds.

What opportunities are you hoping will come your way this year and what actions can you commit to so that these opportunities are more likely to appear?

What do these opportunities and actions look like if you use the Five Blocks approach?

  1. Place and Space: where are the locations you would like to be part of your 2024 story?
  2. Valuing identity: how do you want to grow as a person this year?
  3. Dynamics of relationships: who are the people you want by your side as your start to embark on the adventures of this year?
  4. Focus of activities:are there new activities you would like to focus on in your work or leisure time?
  5. Care and concern: what are the aspects of life where you are focused on having an impact this year?

Place and space

I would love the opportunity to travel to Australia and the USA for work this year. Travelling for holidays is of course always a life enriching experience. However, I also value the opportunity to travel for work; to feel part of a different part of the world, connecting with people in their working lives and impacting on the day-today lives of people in other parts of the world.

Where would you like to go this year and for what purposes?

Valuing identity

I’d like to be seen as a person who makes a difference in their work life, relationships and inspires others.

How would you like to be seen by the end of this year? Seen by yourself and seen by others?

Dynamics of relationships

A change in my life this year is going to be looking after my granddaughter on a Monday; I think this is going to be a wonderful opportunity to build our relationship and to contribute to what she learns and experiences.

Which of your relationships are you going to prioritise this year and why are they going to be your priority?

Focus of activities

I have made a recent commitment to hike the Wainwrights; 214 peaks in the Lake District. I think it will take me about 4 years if I head up there every 8 weeks. What has been interesting is the reaction of friends when I tell them of this intention; it is usually that they will come along too. What a fabulous way to spend time with my favourite people; hiking in the stunning wilderness of the mountains.

Which activities will be part your life this year and what will they add?

Care and concern

As someone who is on long term anti-cancer treatment my health and well-being is an aspect of life which I need to take seriously with care and an appropriate level of concern. However, this focus goes wider to having care and concern about other people in my life. How can I support them in their health and well-being? The care and concern part of the five blocks approach usually represents aspects of your life where the focus is wider than yourself.

What or who are your main concerns as you head into the new year? Why are these aspects of life significant to you as you start the new year? 


The Five Blocks approach is designed to help you build your best life; to help you fulfill your potential. I wish you a happy new year and a year ahead where you find incredible opportunities to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.



  1. Susan Walker

    Thanks Natalie, this has made me take time to focus on my own life in 2024 which is going to be a big year for me.
    The 5 areas of focus are really helpful.
    Happy New Year to you.

  2. Karen atkinson

    Dear Natalie, your blog has inspired me and structured my mental plan that was somewhere in my mind! Having just retired from my 50 hour pw job, I now have time to definitely make a new life. The 5 step approach really is an interesting guide and works for me. I try and be caring and generous as much as possible to other people and this encourages me more. Looking forward to the Wainwright walks.

  3. Will

    Wonderful article Natalie. I love the emphasis on OPPORTUNITY and can’t wait to see where the year takes you with each of the domains. Website looks very professional too! Wishing you the best for 2024!

  4. Obinna

    Hi Natalie, This is really inspiring and motivating. I love this and look forward for more blogs from you. You are indeed a great coach. Cheers

  5. Olayinka Oguntifa

    Very inspiring 👏.

  6. Victoria Odesanya-Manuwa

    An inspirational leader, that is who you are Natalie!

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